Epigenetic Regulation of Cardio-Vascular Disease

Samstag, 6. April | 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr | Posterbereich 19

Vorsitz/Chair: Ralf P. Brandes (Frankfurt am Main), Hanna Fröhlich (Heidelberg)


DNA methylation patterns in (sub)clinical atherosclerosis and their relationship to cardiovascular risk factors
M. Ingold (Mainz)
Changing the epigenetic landscape contributes to regenerative reprogramming of stromal cells following cardiac injury in zebrafish
R. Mausam (Giessen)
Role of Histone modification in the development of heart failure
M. Elkenani (Göttingen)
Epigenome-wide association study of heart failure uncovers phenotype-specific DNA methylation
M. Krolevets (Mainz)
Linking chromatin structure to heart disease risk factors in human cardiomyocytes
S. Haydar (Heidelberg)
A shared disease-associated m6A RNA methylome signature among multiple cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases
M. Polycarpou-Schwarz (Mannheim)
m6A RNA methylation is integral for endothelial plasticity
G. Ciliberti (Mannheim)
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