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Statement of the Working Group Cardiac Pacemakers of the German Cardiac Society: Safety of Asynchronous Ventricular Pacemaker Stimulation

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B. Nowak · W. Hemmer · C.W. Israel · L. I. Krämer · J. Neuzner · D. Pfeiffer · K. Rybak · A. Schuchert · U.K.H. Wiegand


The induction of ventricular tachyarrhythmias by short term asynchronous ventricular stimulation is a rarity. The seldom events occur probably only in patients with an organic heart disease, especially acute myocardial ischemia, reduced left ventricular function and spontaneous ventricular tachyarrhythmias or with severe electrolyte disorders. Asynchronous ventricular stimulation, as it occurs during magnet application during pacemaker follow-up, is therefore only associated with a minimal risk. This does not mean that pacemaker patients could or should be exposed unconsidered to electromagnetic interference, with consecutive device interactions. Basically, interference must be avoided as much as possible. Furthermore, other possibilities of interference between implants and electromagnetic fields are not assessed in this statement about asynchronous ventricular stimulation.
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