Mikro- und Makrozirkulation

Freitag, 5. April | 09:45 - 11:15 Uhr | Posterbereich 17

Vorsitz/Chair: Christian Erbel (Heidelberg), Christos Rammos (Essen)


Targeting the carotid arteries for neuromodulation therapy – Human nerve distribution and density
H. Struthoff (Homburg/Saar)
Altersabhängige Normwerte für die myokardiale Perfusionsreserve bei CMR-basierter Bestimmung anhand von Koronarvenensinus-Flussmessungen
M. Bietenbeck (Münster)
Microvascular dysfunction in heart transplantation is associated with altered cardiomyocyte mitochondrial structure and unimpaired excitation-contraction coupling
F. Hohendanner (Berlin)
Vascular effects and benefits through Biomimics 3D stent implantation vs. conventional stenting: Twelve months data the MIMICS FLOW investigator-initiated randomized controlled trial
O. Petrikhovich (Essen)
Coronary vasomotor dysfunction and diagnostic accuracy of COVADIS-Criteria: Data from the MICRO Registry
O. Velollari (Mainz)
Prognostic value and characterization of functional microvascular assessment in subjects with chronic angina and non-obstructive coronary artery disease (ANOCA): Data from the MICRO Registry
O. Velollari (Mainz)
Ex-vivo Blood perfusion supplemented with ruxolitinib improves the myocardial microcirculation in donor hearts
L. Saemann (Halle (Saale))
Deep learning based fully-automated detection of coronary collateral circulation (CCC) in coronary artery disease (CAD) featuring chronic total occlusion (CTO)
H. Nording (Lübeck)
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